Sex & The Spiritual Teacher; Book Club with Gurumeher
Sex & The Spiritual Teacher; Book Club with Gurumeher

Sex & The Spiritual Teacher; Book Club with Gurumeher - 
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Sex & The Spiritual Teacher with Gurumeher Singh

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Meets on Wednesdays weekly 10/14 thru 11/4 at 7-8:30PM EST (New York)

In light of the disturbing revelations about Yogi Bhajan, this community is in a deep process of healing that is unique to each individual. Having expert information about this painful past that affects so many spiritual communities can help. Sex and the Spiritual Teacher by Scott Edelstein is a valuable resource that has helped many of us during this time. Talking about painful things is difficult, but with neutral facts and the authors research there can be relief.

In this series we will read and discuss the book, with a purpose to understand and come to terms with what happened, and where to go from here individually and as a community. Moving forward with integrity and together; you will walk away with purposeful actions. Students and Teachers alike will find new ways to make our relationships safe.

Useful Resources, order your book online at Amazon.

GuruMeher means "compassionate teacher" He has taught Kundalini yoga and trained teachers internationally for over 40 years. He is the creator and author of Senses of the Soul, a system of self-therapy using challenging emotions mindfully as a source of intuitive guidance. He works in Los Angeles and online as a professional Life Coach and Certified Yoga Therapist. See him at